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Health from the Heart

Choose Health!
Meet Dr. Julie

Meet Dr. Julie

Dr. Julie Glass
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

I have been practicing naturopathic medicine for 25 years and I am still passionate about helping people heal. I love getting to know my patients, discovering the root cause of troublesome symptoms, providing education about healthy lifestyle choices, treating people respectfully and holistically, and watching them thrive. Naturopathic medicine is a gift that I love sharing!


Some of you know that Health from the Heart originated in Portland, OR. When I relocated to wine country to get out of the big city and become an employee at a wonderful clinic in McMinnville, I temporarily closed Health from the Heart, always knowing that one day I would reopen it. Although I treasured my time working for busy naturopathic clinics both in McMinnville and Salem, the changes within our healthcare system during the past few years have clearly shown me that the world needs Health from the Heart. Insurance copays have increased, time allotments for patient care have decreased, and simple medications and procedures require pre-authorization, often blocking access to care. I am dedicated to witness Health from the Heart members choose health each day, one decision at a time. 


Health from the Heart is a membership clinic, providing its members with direct access to naturopathic medical care (without insurance). Members benefit from short wait times for appointments, free procedures such as rapid strep testing and urinalysis, & discounted supplements and classes.  My intention is to teach people how to live healthily, how to raise healthy children, and to provide hacks and resources for when acute situations arise.  I hope you choose to join Health from the Heart!

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Why Naturopathy

Why Choose Naturopathic Medicine?

It's what you've been looking for:

The Healing Power of Nature

Vis Medicatrix Naturae: Our best healers are within us and in nature.

Identify & Treat the Causes

Tolle Causam: ND's identify and treat the causes of illness instead of the symptoms.

First Do No Harm

Primum Non Nocere: ND's use the least invasive treatment measures first and respect the Vital Force.

Doctor as Teacher

Docere: This Latin word for doctor means teacher.  ND's serve as teachers, educating their patients how to live healthily and in alignment with their needs.

Treat the Whole Person

ND's view people holistically, combining body, mind, emotion and Spirit.

ND's teach people how to optimize health - to try and prevent disease before it happens.

                             Membership Plans

Initial Visit

Your first appointment!

40-60 minute in-person or remote visit

  • Access to discount and specialty labs. 

  • 10% Fullscript supplement discount

  • Comprehensive intake including evaluation of past medical history, current symptoms & future health goals. Initial treatment plan is made.

  • One time $5 membership fee included in cost of visit 

1 Follow- Up Visit



Single Appointment

30-45 minute remote or in person 

  • For established members only

  • Access to discount and specialty labs

  • 10% Fullscript supplement discount

  • Review and expansion of initial treatment plan. 

Ala Carte Services

  • For established members only

  • Discount and specialty labs (priced accordingly)

  • Rapid Strep Test $25

  • Urinalysis $20

  • Vitamin B12 Injection $25

Membership Plans



Q: Does Health from the Heart take insurance?

A: Health from the Heart is not an insurance plan, nor is it contracted with any insurance companies, Medicare or Medicaid.  If your insurance policy has out-of-network benefits Dr. Julie can provide you with a form that you can submit to them for possible partial reimbursement.  The best way to know if you have out of network benefits is to call your insurance company and ask them.

Q: Can Dr. Julie order labs or imaging?

A: Yes. Dr. Julie has contracted with local labs and imaging centers to provide you with incredible discounted prices!

Q: Does Dr. Julie see children?

A: Yes. Dr. Julie loves working with children for well visits, acute care, and more constitutional issues. She recommends that parents also work with a pediatrician for childhood services Dr. Julie doesn't provide such as vaccines.

Q: How can I pay for my visit?

A: Payment is at time of appointment.  HFTH accepts cash, checks and credit or debit cards.

Q: Can Dr. Julie prescribe medications?

A: Yes.  Dr. Julie works with you to  get to the underlying cause of your symptoms, but she prescribes medications when necessary and appropriate.

Q: Is parking available at HFTH?

A: Yes. You can conveniently enter the parking lot from either Commercial or Rural Street.

Q: Can I use my HSA card at Health from the Heart?

A: Yes.  HSA cards are welcome for services provided at HFTH and supplements purchased in-office. 

Q: Do I still need a Primary Care Physician (PCP)?

A: Yes.  Dr. Julie  recommends you keep your insurance based PCP in case you need referrals, surgery, stitches, vaccines or other services HFTH does not provide.

Is Dr. Julie a Direct Primary Care Provider for Healthpass?

A: Yes! Dr. Julie is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) provider for Healthpass - a savvy alternative to conventional insurance plans. Healthpass combines DPC access with memberships to Zion Healthshare and Courthouse Fitness in Salem, OR - all in one monthly payment.


Whether you’re an individual, family or business, if you are looking for out-of-the box health coverage Healthpass might be right for you.  Call us today for information about Healthpass.


What People Are Saying:

… Thank You! I feel vastly improved since starting the new supplements in December, and now I have energy to do the things I’ve stopped doing, like sewing. It has been so long since I’ve sewn anything I’d forgotten how much I love to sew. … After so many years of feeling poorly, it’s a miracle to me that I have my life back, and it would not have been possible with out you.

With Deep Gratitude

Dr. Julie Glass is a caring and incredibly gifted Naturopath. Western Medicine had failed me, Eastern Medicine hadn't helped much, and doing it myself was of no help at all. Dr. Glass took the time to review all my symptoms from the migraines, to the fatigue, weight gain, and mysterious rashes and put me on natural compounds that began to help immediately. I can't thank Dr. Glass enough and would never go anywhere else for treatment. She is kind, compassionate, accessible, knowledgeable and affordable. I will never go anywhere else. She took me from being miserable to feeling healthy and energetic. Thanks Dr. Glass, you are amazing.

Dr. Julie Glass is one of the most compassionate professionals I have worked with. She has diagnosed issues that other health care providers have overlooked or missed completely. She listens to me every time and I feel seen as the individual I am. She basically saved my health while going through medical school myself. I recommend her to everyone and all my clients. God Bless you Dr. Julie!

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You can conveniently enter the parking lot from either Commercial or Rural Street.

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